Choosing a name can represent a lot more than we realize.

Back when our grandparents first started to assimilate into western society adopting an English name was just easier for pronunciation purposes. It made you less different, more relatable, and easier to accept. Sunil became Sunny, Rajesh became Ricky and Zoya became Zoe, and so forth.

Flash forward 50 years and I’m glad to say the skill of foreign name pronunciation has progressed considerably. That’s not to say suspiciously English-sounding nicknames don’t still exist but I certainly haven’t come across anyone giving me a different name for the sake of ease.

What you have now is next-generation South Asian adults actively…

On the whole, I don’t think prospective wives set out to be bitchy daughters-in-law. I don’t, however, think the same can be said about mothers-in-law. FYI I’m talking very specifically about South Asian MILs, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Tamil, Sri Lankan, you get the picture. That’s not to say western MILs get let off, I’m sure they’re just as mental but I simply don’t have the experience. Also “Indian” (generalising here) MILs have a next-level kind of craziness that comes from their cultural backgrounds.

You see back home there still remains a very real cultural reality that daughters become the property…

In the words of J.Lo “ I ain't your mama” is a statement I feel should be permanently etched into the prenuptial agreement or at the very least the sentiment. Do you take woman A to be your wife and promise never to expert her to be your mummy? Of course, if this is your thing mothering a fully grown man then happy days and lucky you. I hear there’s an abundance of babymen around, especially if you’re looking for a south Asian dude. Asian mums are particularly good at producing babymen with a strikingly high success rate.

If however…

There is no doubt hormones will play a part in a woman's spiraling emotions pre and post-birth. However, a complete lack of care and preparation from one's husband or partner is inexcusable. Men will never understand what’s it’s like to have a baby, and for that, they can not be blamed as God or evolution did not burden them with the biology. The only thing we women can demand is a fraction of understanding.

That “but you didn't tell me to wipe my ass” mentality has to go.

Husbands and partners, you too will experience the kind of exhaustion that…

Chapter 1: Listen to what they’re not telling you.

Not every woman is born with the innate, natural, biological desire to have kids. I know, right, shock horror, say whaaaat!!!! Despite this, there may come a time that, for whatever reason, you feel the need to embark on this journey, you know to be like “normal” people. After all, isn't that the only way to validate your life? Coming from someone who had no desire to procreate but fell to social pressures, I decided to go with the flow and was fortunate to be blessed with a healthy child. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it…

Just say it how it is!

Think they call this therapy writing, letting off some steam, a rather good exercise for someone who finds themselves perpetually angry.

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